Knowledge Management Standard ISO 30401

This new standard has been released adn Ian Fry of Knoco Australia is the Australian Organisation for Quality nominee on the Standards Australia subcommttee for this standard. We are still seeing how the adoption and interpretation of this standard will unfold; so Ian is keen to have feedback.

Knoco Australia can offer assistance to clients:

Is Knowledge Management Mandatory under ISO9001ISO9001

The 2015 revision of ISO9001 introduces a new section on Organisational Knowledge. You will need to have many elements in place in order to comply.
Please refer to our service below where we can help you prepare for ISO9001 Audit.

The Biggest Advance in Knowledge Management in Years...

Knoco Australia in association with our partner company Fry Systems announces a tool which will vitalise Knowledge Management practice across the world.

Lessons Learned, and above all an evidence based regime aroud Lessons Learned is now a requirement of ISO9001.

Our surveys show that half the respondents do not have a good system for Lessons Learned and so the Lessons Management Hub  was created. This tool follows the processes that we have identified as practical and essential from the cumulative years of experience of Knoco people around the world. It is deliberately affordable and can be backed up additional assistance from Knoco Australia.

Instead of a traditional "store and forget" Lessons Observed database, Lessons Management Hub (LMH) progresses the Lesson to completion, allows action tracking, risk assessment and valuation of lessons with extensive and flexible search capability. For those reasons we are calling this Lessons Learned 2.0

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So why is this such an advance?

With LMH, Lessons Learned becomes "low hanging fruit" or a "Quick Win" for those seeking to establish KM. With some work on the culture surrounding it, LMH will encourage, support and drive the Lessons Learned process.

So who is buying LMH?

Engineering Project Management companies, Power Generation companies, Automative Engineering companies, Police. Because of the flexible taxonomy, LMH can apply to any organisation

Knoco Consulting Services

Knoco Australia provides Knowledge Management  services through experienced consultants and well developed methodologies.
Being part of the world-wide Knoco Ltd franchise, we have access to consultants based in 10 countries, working all over the globe;
and Knoco Australia is specifically focussing on KM in Australia.

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Knoco Webinars

Knoco has introduced Knowledge Management Webinars, to be run in each region around the world. Subscribe to the Australian ones, plus the others because we will send you the recording afterwards.

Starts Wednsday 22nd May with Effective Lessons Learned conducted by Ian Fry of Knoco Australia. Register here

Knoco Surveys

Knoco has introduced Knowledge Management Surveys. These are an on-line quick "health check" asking the questions which, from the experience of all members of the Knoco group, give the best indicators.

We give the respondents the option of having us email a comparison of their score against the benchmarks for their Industry and Country.
The first topic is "Knowledge Management Maturity" which is a great place to start!

Click here  to access the surveys. Feel free to send the link to others.

Our Resources Page allows you to search the expertise of Knoco Australia, plus the free material available from the Knoco Group.

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Ian Speaking at Project Management Institute of Australia, Annual Conference. Tuesday 14th October 2014.
Slides available after the event.
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Fry Systems client, the LMI Group, wins the 2010 ANZIIF Innovator of the Year award, for their Knowledge products in Insurance in Australasia
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