The Biggest Advance in Knowledge Management in Years...

Knoco Australia in association with our partner company Fry Systems announces a tool which will vitalise Knowledge Management practice across the world.

Lessons Learned, and above all an evidence based regime around Lessons Learned is now a requirement of ISO9001.

Our surveys show that half the respondents do not have a good system for Lessons Learned and so the Lessons Management Hub  was created. This tool follows the processes that we have identified as practical and essential from the cumulative years of experience of Knoco people around the world. It is deliberately affordable and can be backed up additional assistance from Knoco Australia.

Instead of a traditional "store and forget" Lessons Observed database, Lessons Management Hub (LMH) progresses the Lesson to completion, allows action tracking, risk assessment and valuation of lessons with extensive and flexible search capability.

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So why is this such an advance?

With LMH, Lessons Learned becomes "low hanging fruit" or a "Quick Win" for those seeking to establish KM. With some work on the culture surrounding it, LMH will encourage, support and drive the Lessons Learned process.

So who is buying LMH?

Engineering Project Management companies, Power Generation companies, Automative Engineering companies, Police. Because of the flexible taxonomy, LMH can apply to any organisation

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